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A ROFL moment in the life of Mark:

So I'm at the PetSmart picking up cartridges for our super cool litter box. As I'm walking up to the counter to pay this follows:

Female Cashier at Lane #1: Can you help me?

Male Cashier at Lane #2: Sure, give me a sec.

(as I'm paying at Lane #2)

Female: Okay, well, as soon as you're done with that lady, take over my register.

Male: *face drops in a look of "ohnoshedidn't"*

Me: Did she just call me a lady?

Male & Me: *laugh hysterically*

(I turn around to face the lady.)

Female: What? I don't get it?

Male: You owe this GENTLEMAN an apology!!

Female: Huh? Wha...?

Me: *still laughing as I walk out of the store*
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