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Had an interesting realization today when leaving my apartment. I've noticed in both apartment buildings I've lived in, that the people living in them try to avoid their neighbors (if they haven't already met) to the point that if they hear keys or a door opening, you can hear them fumbling with their keys faster so as to get into their apartment before you can make eye contact and say hello. Like, today, I was leaving, close the door, hear a guy down stairs jingling his keys, I jingle my keys as I try to find the one (of about 50, damn you work) to look my door. Well, as soon as my keys started jingling, his key jingling speed about tripled, and got louder, to the point that I could hear him trying his damnedest to shove the key into the lock. So, I figured, I'd go faster, just so I could get downstairs before he opened his door. Well, I won, and as I came down the stairs, he looked like he shit his pants. I said hello, he stuttered, and then bolted into his apartment. So, what the fuck people?
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