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Well, I suppose I should finally get around to doing an actual update about my life. Don't have the energy to do something long and such, so here's a list:

Lauren and I are still together, we celebrated four years a few months ago.

I finally am no longer unemployed. I got a job working for Hatboro-Horsham School District. I work for the IT department as a "Technology Assistant." It's not a bad gig, pays decent, great benefits (since I work for the state). Mostly, I do standard IT shit, like replace ink, reset passwords, create user accounts, fix broken computers, etc. From time to time, though, I do get some server work (the exception being the server for the call logging system for our phones, which I have to monitor every day and make sure it stays up and running as much as possible).

Still not in a band currently, still working on writing music when I have the time though.

I have the plague. Well, not the plague. I felt like shit for a while, let it go, let it go some more, let it go even more. Then one day, started really feeling like shit, the next day I woke up dead. Medicated the shit out of myself for the weekend, went back to work on Monday. Most retard idea I've ever had. Couldn't talk most of the day, feel like I was going to die. Felt like I was breathing through water for days. Went to the doctor on Tuesday, turns out that I have bronchitis and pneumonia. So, really, I am basically breathing through water, go me. Getting up out of my chair and walking a few steps completely winds me and leaves me panting. Hell, I winded myself trying to eat a fruit bowl the other morning, how sad is that? The worst is going up the three sets of stairs in the apartment building. Even with taking breaks between sets, by the time I get up to the apartment, I'm gasping for air and falling over because I'm so dizzy and damn near blacking out. So, I'm on augmentin for the ten days, which will hopefully fix the problem. The pills are freakin' huge though, like, basically, take your finger, take it to just past the first knuckle, cut if off. That's about how big the pill is. It's a real pain in the ass to try to swallow due to how swollen shut my throat is.

Getting the examination from the doctor was rather amusing. He's listing of things wrong with me, like my ear canals being retracted, etc. He gets to my throat, looks at it for a bit, and goes, "Well, it's swollen mostly closed, it's raw, it's bloody, and frankly, you look like shit. The upside? Your throat is the best looking part of you right now." Also, there was "Now take a deep breath... no, I said deep, like more than that." "...dude, that's all I can do. *wheeze* *gasp*" "Well, yeah, you more than likely have pneumonia."

So, anyhow, feel free to laugh at my plight.
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