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As I'm sure anyone who actually reads this can remember, I had bronchitis and pneumonia, and was put on Augmentin for it. Well, the bronchitis cleared up, and I'm still working on getting proper lung use back, but it's much better. Side effect? The Augmentin wiped out all the good bacteria in my system, and let the bad run wild. I now have a C. Diff. infection that is kicking my ass. I ended up puking and shitting my brains out until the point that I blacked out on Wednesday, and Lauren had to have mom drive down and take me to the ER. Well, long story short, after feeling like a stuck pig, and giving fluid samples (incluing those that normally are not supposed to be so much like water), I was sent home after tons of IV fluids, five or six vials less blood, different anti-biotics, and an anti-nausea medication. So, needless to say, I've been pretty fucking miserable the past few days, sleeping most of the day (like slept from 2:30 AM to almost 8:00 PM yesterday). So, I open my e-mail to a bit of amusement, which I thought I'd share with the world since it brightened my day. My insurance policy renews itself in the end of April, which will be after I turn 25, so my insurance cost dropped. I'm super fucking amused by the new amount.

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